My name is Nicole Ng

Hi everyone,

My name is Nicole and this is my introductory post! I did this before but for some unknown reason, I can’t seem to access the old site that I created. So this is my new website!

Here are a few fun facts about me: I am a UBC student in the Arts faculty. A big fan of acting, singing, dancing, content creation even though I don’t have much experience in any of these except for the last. I am from Singapore. My Chinese name is literally my English name. I am the only child in my family. That’s about as interesting as I can get.

I came into Uni thinking of majoring in Poli Sci but POLI 110 changed my mind. I am now looking at majoring in another one of my loves, History! Actually, it’s a funny story why I now have my mind set on History. I was reading old diary entries, and I came across an entry I wrote while I was in Japan earlier this year. Turns out I had a ball of a time at one of the museums I visited and had documented my enthusiasm in that entry. I came to an epiphany: ooooh my passion does lie in History.

I have also been (a lot) more interested in humanities than in Math and Sciene and I do better in humanities. I enjoy discussions, not contributing to them per se, but listening to what other people have to say. I enjoy collecting insights but not really giving my own. I would perhaps enjoy it if I was good at doing so, but I am not. I hope that Arts one can force me out of my comfort zone, make my brain a little bit more active, and build my confidence in countering arguments.

Arts One has been really really awesome so far! I get to learn and connect with so many like-minded ones. My seminar, tutorial mates, and Professor Christina have created a very safe space for me to share my thoughts on things, regardless of how controversial.

Thank you for accepting me into this Programme!!