An Introduction

Hi everyone, My name is Danielle, or “Dani” for short. I chose Arts One because I enjoy reading and writing. I’m looking forward to meeting people and making friends and improving my writing. Honestly, writing this ‘intro post’ is a challenge (I’ve made several drafts now and none of them seems remotely satisfying). I was […]


“Wow you’re from Colombia? That is so cool!” I get this a lot. I find it ordinary that I am from Colombia, everyone back home does. This tends to happen everywhere in the world. I run into Canadians and ask them where they are from. “Nothing to exciting, just from around here (Vancouver, Burnaby, BC, […]

‘Tis I

Since I am unable to come come up with a more interesting greeting other that the insipid “Hi, everyone!” due to my heavily deoxygenated brain, I shall skip this part entirely and begin with my name, which is Leonni. I am from Hong Kong and I totally recommend you all to visit this city at […]

Salutations! Or… well… if anybody actually says that anymore.

My name is Melissa Teo (pronounced TEE-yo, not TAY-oh or TOE or any other combination of sounds) and I first got hooked onto the greeting word above when I read Charlotte’s Web by E.B. White in first grade. It was one of the initial books that had me striving to know more about talking animals […]


Hi my name is Amy Sandberg, and I am a first year student at the University of British Columbia. Home for me is in Portland, Oregon where I’ve spent the past 18 years riding horses, singing in one of our city choirs, and of course, sporting some pretty snazzy Birkenstocks. I grew up with a community […]

Hello world!

Hey everyone, I’m Koby and this is my blog. To break the ice a bit more than through the release of my name and blog I can tell you that I was drawn to arts one by the amount of fiction in the reading list. I’ve always greatly enjoyed losing myself in books, and am […]

Intro Post

Hi there! I’m Bonney, in case you can’t tell by my username. I have lived in Vancouver for my whole life; but I am still horrible at getting to places via transit. I always end up getting lost and having to ask random people for directions. I have two cats; one of whom is sitting on […]

Post #1 – INTRO

Hi! My name’s Jenna and I’m from Langley (about an hour away for those of you who aren’t familiar with the GVA yet). I was fortunate enough to be assigned a room with one heck of a view, so I’m currently writing in front of a window overlooking the ocean. It’s absolutely gorgeous outside right […]

Intro Page

Hi EveryoneIsn’t Kierkegaard difficult? Just thought I’d put that out there, because now whenever I try and think about ArtsOne now I just imagine a Danish philosopher kicking me repeatedly while screaming “what do you mean you don’t know what teleolog…