We are most amused.

His Imperial Majesty The Emperor of Celestria most graciously welcomes you to His blog, dropping some formalities aside, this is our blog, and we may tend to refer to ourselves as we as fitting for a monarch. We will be able to explain further about the Empire and our interests in future posts. His Imperial […]


Reflection is a task that I find to be simultaneously both intensely invigorating, and acutely enervating, and it is a task whose importance I often seem to under-value until having completed it. This is my first attempt at completing this task … Continue reading


Hello everyone! Being in Arts One has so far been the icing in the cake of my university experience and I really hope it continues to remain so as we plunge deeper into the course. I was drawn to it because the reading list had many books that I always told myself that I would […]

Intro Post

Hi everyone! My name is Regina and I’m from Coquitlam. Yes, it is a long commute, thanks for asking. I was born in Kyrgyzstan (I bet that none of you know where that is), and moved to Canada when I … Continue reading