Tsk, tsk. Faustus.

How does an intelligent person come to the conclusion that making a deal with the devil is a good idea? It’d be great to have magical powers, I agree, but I would I take up a blood oath with the greatest evil in the world? No. What happened to his sensibilities? Is he so blinded […] Continue reading

Bloody Hell.

No, this is not a blog about vampires or werewolves, but it is about magical forces… I speak, of course, about Marlowe’s ‘Doctor Faustus’. My first glance at this play started off a bit rocky. Doctor Faustus appears to be … Continue reading Continue reading

Vomited again

Hey all,
Just submitted my Antigone essay. I honestly think this is a good essay. I have a bunch of quotes and I prove my points.
Christina, I used better comma etiquette this time
Good luck all!
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Faustus had it made…then he sold his soul to the devil.

Dear Readers (who exist?) Today I will be discussing Christopher Marlowe’s most famous play Doctor Faustus. I went into my reading being super excited about reading it. Marlowe is a contemporary of Shakespeare and as I said before: I LOVE … Continue reading Continue reading

an update on my university life.

Hey all,
No one probably cares BUT last night (thanksgiving sunday) I stayed up till 3 am just looking at my Antigone essay wondering if there was something wrong with it.
I am ubc?
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its almost 3 am

so to give a brief context for this, i have had a 4 month dramatic feud that i was not interested in being in, and it has just ended today with me cutting off all ties with the other person. … Continue reading Continue reading