Caroline Williams

Caroline Williams

Having trained in Classics, Museum Studies and Classical Archaeology at the University of Toronto and at the Institute of Archaeology, University of London, I spent many enjoyable and productive years living and working in Greece and Turkey.

I have taught both undergraduate and graduate courses at McMaster University and at UBC on a wide range of subjects dealing with antiquity, art history and archaeological method. I have published a book and articles in my areas of special archaeological interest, ancient ceramics and architectural history.

More recently I have been privileged to teach for over a decade in the Arts One program. This unique learning environment has provided me with a wonderful opportunity to encourage the potential in each of my seminar students for reading closely, for critical thinking, for powerful skills in argumentation and for logical, clear writing. Each year has been a journey of discovery taken together as we navigate the course syllabus and I look forward to each September as I embark with my seminar on the Arts One adventure!

I enjoy other challenges too and each day face one of a different type as I train for and ride in dressage competitions on my large, feisty equine partners, Con Brio and Rossini.


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